One leg at a time… Self Confidence

Self Confidence

Ever heard the saying; ‘They put their trousers on one leg at a time, same as the rest of us.’
My question is, What the hell is that all about? Where on earth did I get that saying? Now I know it was on some sales course, can’t for the life of me recall which one. It was first presented as a way of saying we are all people, no one is better or more important, we are all on the same level. The kind of reassurance given when you are hoping to do business with the British CEO of Cisco systems (as you do!)

Don’t get me wrong I totally bought into this saying and still have this way of thinking, I posted it this evening under an enterprising young lady’s post on Linked in who will debating with politicians tomorrow. You never know, a show of support might quell any nerves she may have, but proof reading it back made me stop and take stock of the saying itself. So what I want to know is; other peoples mad but ‘makes sense in a weird way’ sayings, come on confess we all have them (hopefully otherwise that would mean it’s just me!)

IS your Self Confidence as high as it could be

Self Confidence high is very important to perpetuate good relations when in salesSelf Confidence, scales meetings or networking, however, don’t mistake Self Confidence for arrogance, there is no substitute


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