Are you being distracted with notifications from your Social Media?

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Linked in hint: Are you being distracted with notifications from your social media? I did too, until I changed the email address associated with them to a ‘free to use’ email. I chose It doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as these notifications stop distracting you from your all important work. Do you just end up frustrated as you can’t easily locate what you need to among your emails, do you flit away on an interesting looking comment and realise you have lost another hour getting carried away by seeing who is post what? Interaction is very important to your social media campaign, however, so is work.

Manage your Social Media more effectively

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Now when I do my social media it is a concious choice to do so. I will log in to that email and view all my communications from linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Thus ends the annoying multitudes of emails mixed in with your work ones therefore giving you the right attitude to interact and more importantly a good time management exercise.

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