The Last Hurdle™ – Business Development Specialists 

Welcome to The Last Hurdle™, helping your business over its own last hurdle to get to where you need to be!

We are business development specialists, this means we roll our sleeves up and work with other businesses, developing the business by providing business development services from Social Media Marketing, all the way through to becoming the outsourced sales and marketing department!
In plain English we boost sales, we work with businesses who need more customers, sales or a new business stream and drive their business forward.

Developing Your Business:

We utilise five core skills to develop your business forward:

  1. Traditional Sales and Marketing
  2. Social Media & Digital Marketing
  3. WordPress Websites
  4. Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  5. Networking Meetings and Strategies.

We believe it is important that we ‘Walk the walk – as well as – talk the talk’ In 2015 Facebook compiled a ‘Success Story’ about The Last Hurdle and how we have grown our business through Facebook. In this interview, Jules White the founder of The Last Hurdle explains to Facebook how the business has grown and will continue to grow through our Facebook use…

Business Development – You’ve Gotta Have a Plan Stan!

business development specialists

Holding the key to improving your business

Every potential new client is offered a complimentary consultation with a business development specialist, where we find out more about your business, where you want to get to, what your challenges are, what has worked for you previously and what hasn’t. From the information we gather during this session we compile a business development plan which will describe in detail how we would assist your business to achieve your growth goals. Every business has different needs so there are no off the shelf products here – we provide business development solutions to fit your business needs. Call our head office on 01604 654545 to book your business development consultation or email

Is there something stopping you gaining new business? Do you hit a wall when you encounter a particular objection? Reluctant to follow up? Need assistance with online and offline marketing? Do you have a sales plan? Need to identify your networking strategy? Lacking in presentation skills? Need to know how to market yourself and your company through social media? Do you lack sales skills? Need a to launch a product, service and company? Need to identify and access your target market? Require networking advice, tips and a plan? Is your website working for you? Are you getting relevant traffic to your website? Need to know where you are going and how you are going to get there? Need to identify new revenue streams? We have the key to developing your business!

The Business Development questions are endless, if you need help with any of these or similar hurdles, contact us  for that helping hand over your very own Last Hurdle!

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