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With the development of the internet over the last 20 years or so and the growth of social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, it can be overwhelming for any business to find the right digital marketing plan. It’s not just that social media offers a huge advantage to businesses – there is a wide range of digital marketing opportunities out there too.

From constructing a website and making sure it’s optimised for search engines, banner advertising and utilising QR codes/augmented reality, to app development and video blogging your brand message, composing compelling series of marketing emails and ensuring you have consistent and engaging blog articles. You need to have a coherent strategy to pull all these together if you are going to reach the right people and have the maximum impact.

digital marketingThe importance of digital marketing to business development

If you want your brand to stand out then you need to take advantage of the range of great digital tools out there that can boost your visibility. For many SMEs this offers a challenge because they need to have a trade-off between what they can afford and which are the best options for their business.

Without a clear digital marketing plan and smart implementation, the chances of your business treading water whilst your more techno savvy competitors take advantage of all those tools to create great brand awareness is pretty high.

It’s the challenge that every business faces – just how do you get your voice heard above everyone else? How do you chose the right digital marketing approach?

The Last Hurdle™ and navigating the digital marketing minefield

The problem with all this marketing potential is that you really need to know what you are talking about. If you are developing a blog then you not only require the services of someone who is good at writing but they also have to have an eye for search engine optimisation and good graphic skills. If you want to update your website to support your product you need someone with the relevant skills. Creating a visually appealing, on-brand graphics can be a bit hit and miss without access to the right skill sets. All that expertise can be difficult to find inhouse and even more problematical to pay for.

That’s why many companies are starting to outsource their digital marketing, cherry picking the best of the talent they need to make their marketing strategy a success, but why go to a multitude of agencies? When The Last Hurdle™ covers all the disciplines under one roof! It’s not just about pointing you in the right direction, it’s about us rolling our sleeves up and getting stuck in – becoming your digital marketing department.

At The Last Hurdle™ we take the time to drill down into the digital marketing needs of your company so that you get the appropriate plan for your business. Just like Goldilocks and her porridge, we aim to produce a digital marketing plan that fits your goals and aspirations – not ours!

Benefits of exploring what is available and using someone with the right expertise

  • It helps to have someone look at your marketing strategy from the outside, bringing a fresh and highly knowledgeable skills set to the problem of developing your brand in the digital arena.
  • You add flexibility and diversity to your marketing mix which means you are much more likely to succeed.
  • Because no two businesses are alike, you need to develop a bespoke solution to your marketing activity and that means you need to take advantage of the right expertise that is geared to your future plans.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has grown considerably over the last twenty years or so. Here are just some of the areas where The Last Hurdle™ can provide you with the support and guidance your company needs right now:

  • Developing and project managing cutting edge websites and blogs that are optimised for search engines such as Google and engaging and easy to use for visitors. Not just the creation of a website, but the continued development.
  • Creating and running effective email campaigns and maintaining and growing powerful email contact lists.
  • Getting your brand out there with carefully worded press releases or banner adverts that reaches your target market.
  • Content marketing, ensuring your content is written in the way that the target market is most likely to respond too, it’s great to have an increase in visitors with effective search engine optimisation, but what should you do with your visitors when they get to your website?
  • Developing additional marketing strands such as brand aps, sms marketing and video advertising for platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Social Media Marketing, one of the most popular areas of digital marketing. We manage, monitor, maintain and grow your social presence. Utilising both organic and paid advertising methods. Ensuring you are in front of your target market with the right message at the right time.
  • Video marketing, in recent years video has become an important aspect in the digital marketing mix. Previously the cost of such campaigns was prohibitive, however, you don’t need massive budgets to take advantage of this media.
  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which means ensuring if someone needs your product or service they can find you. The Last Hurdle only utilise White Hat optimisation techniques.

It’s not about throwing the kitchen sink at the marketing mix. Even if you had the budget to utilise every digital tool out there, some things are going to be good for your business and others that will have very little impact.

We know that there are two other factors that make any robust digital marketing strategy work – how you pull everything together and how you measure those all-important results.

Benefits of a CRM to keep track of everything

A Customer Relations Management system lies at the heart of any successful business development strategy. Not only does it allow you to monitor and set up your marketing efforts, allowing you to market to previous enquiries that didn’t proceed, upsell to existing clients and resell to historic clients. It also gives you a clear idea of how each strand integrates and impacts on other aspects of your strategy. Just as important it helps you to keep track of your customers, including solving those all-important queries and complaints.

A business without an effective CRM is like a ship without a rudder. The Last Hurdle can show you how to keep all your marketing efforts together so that you get the maximum from your implemented strategies.

Learning how to use metrics effectively

Measuring campaigns is all important in the digital marketing world. Are people visiting your website? How many customers opened your recent email? Where are your new customers coming from – social media or your recent YouTube advertising campaign? The Last Hurdle can help you get to grips with those metrics so that you begin to make more informed choices when it comes to your marketing strategy.

The more informed you are, the better your business performs.

It all seems rather complex and expensive, doesn’t it? The good news is that we can provide as little or as much support as you need – for instance you might be comfortable with some areas of your marketing and business development strategy but need help on other more specific areas. Compared to employing someone to manage all this The Last Hurdle™ retainer fees are very modest.

Our aim at The Last Hurdle™ is to find out what works for your business and develop the best channels for your brand. To accomplish this we offer a consultation, where we delve into the business, find out what you are trying to achieve, understand fully your target market, your growth opportunities, route to market and revenue streams. The information we glean in this meeting will enable us to devise a development plan which will detail all the digital marketing methods we would use to grow your business, accompanying this plan is a quote to provide these services and our terms of business.

If you want a marketing company that has bright ideas, great expertise and huge amounts of business development experience then contact us today to book your consultation. Call 01604 654545 or email