So you have a lovely website, looks beautiful, wonderful pictures and some great content, user friendly… but can anyone see it? Are you being found on Google?

Search Engine Optimisation – Keywords

KeywordsKeywords or phrase that a potential customer would type into Google to find your products or services. Do you know what they type in to find you? By performing keywords research exercises we can identify exactly what some one will type in to find you, bet it’s not what you think! You will be quite surprised at the results, I know we were! Selecting and advising on the best keywords for your business is a part of the research we perform, why join in a scramble with thousands of others for keywords when you can select a less used phrase that will give far better traffic results.


are only a small part of the SEO plan, like all business development, developing traffic to your website needs to be targeted to your market and you must plan your activity. You also need to consider pertinent, constantly updated content, like blogs, also backlinks again from relevant sites. There are things you can do to each web page to ensure it is optimised and links from your social media marketing will also give a huge boost to your rankings.

So how do we know who ranks where and what for? We take a look at try it, type in your website and see your results, then try our website you can see the results we generate for our own website. We can do this for yours too!


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