Social Media Services

Do you want to boost your popularity online and energise your brand through social media?

social media services from The Last HurdleIncreasing smart phone usage has seen an explosion in social media interaction in the last few years. It seems everyone, young and old, is part of a network and wants to have their say. For businesses it is one of the most powerful marketing tools available and many start-ups and SMEs are fighting for their share of the attention.

Want to be fab on Facebook? Terrific on Twitter? Interesting on Instagram? Great on Google+? Pertinent on Pinterest? And a Legend on LinkedIn?

At The Last Hurdle™ we can help you with:

  • Social media strategy, identifying target markets.
  • Managing, Monitoring and Maintaining your social media presence.
  • Implementing and scheduling marketing campaigns.
  • Developing a social media plan that works.
  • Platform and media suitability studies.
  • Keeping the right side of social media etiquette.
  • Workshops to help you develop your social media presence.

Researching the right social media platform for you

Let’s face it, there are a wide range of social media platforms out there from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to the lesser known ones such as Digit. And it’s set to become even more complex in the future with new microblogging sites arriving from places like China, South Korea and Japan.

It’s difficult to keep track and choose the right medium to get your brand message across. At The Last Hurdle™ we research and help you target the most effective social platforms for your business. Not only that, we’ll be looking at the type of people you need to attract as fans and followers.

Building your brand on social media

Social media can be tricky for brands especially when they are just starting out with social media. You want to say the right things and get people to take you seriously. That involves building brand awareness and making sure your content on social media is relevant, interesting and gets people to engage with you. It’s also about making contact with all the influencers out there who can help spread the word about your amazing product or service.

Building a brand on social media is not just about numbers. At The Last Hurdle™ we will be helping you to maximise your impact, bring out your unique personality and grow something that drives effective and relevant traffic to your business.

The 3Ms: Monitoring, Managing and Maintaining

Building a social media following takes plenty of work. We’ll be monitoring how successful each platform is, how many leads it generates for you, and how your followers are engaged with your product or service. We’ll also be managing and maintaining your fan base, helping to grow it organically which is the best way to ensure that you get a social media presence that is lean and optimised to your needs.

Running a Marketing Campaign

Some of the most successful marketing campaigns in recent years have been run on social media. From the big players like Guinness and Coke sponsoring major sporting events to smaller businesses running competitions for their fan base, these platforms are alive with every kind of vibrant marketing activity. Run the right way a marketing campaign on social media can produce a huge return on investment and drive relevant traffic to your site. The Last Hurdle™ can help you put together a successful campaign that promotes your brand.

Saying the Right Thing

What’s the best way to get your marketing message across on social media? There are a range of different etiquettes and approaches that are different for each platform. The Last Hurdle™ can write targeted marketing messages that will hit the spot and even schedule these (for certain platforms)to appear at optimum times of the day.

We’ll also be able to help you develop your brand personality so that you can build closer relationships with your fans and followers. We’ll advise you on best practice, what to do and what you shouldn’t do to engage and energise potential customers.

Get the Right Scheduling

It’s not just what you write on social media, it’s when you send it. If you have an international audience, how do you make sure you are catching your fans when they are online? Will people be more likely to see that important Tweet if they are checking their smart phones on the way to work, or when they are relaxing in the evening in front of the TV? Researching and producing an intelligent posting schedule can do wonders for your brand promotion and The Last Hurdle™ is here to help.

The Last Hurdle™ Social Media Services

You may have a Facebook account and 500 followers but:

  • Are you engaging with them on a regular basis and making your message count?
  • Do you find yourself pushing the same boring message over and over again and no one seems to be listening?
  • Do you simply want to make the most of the social media opportunities out there but are not sure where to start?

Then contact The Last Hurdle™ and we can start talking about your future on social media and how you can make it a success.

At The Last Hurdle we are firm believers of not just ‘talking the talk’ but ‘walking the walk’. We have built our own B2B business through social media, this video is a part of our Facebook Success Story