Business Development Services

The Last Hurdle™ are often asked ‘What do you do?’ By necessity we have to answer a question with a question. ‘What do you need us to do?’ Every business is different and every business needs to develop in a different way…

Business Development Services – Driving Business Forward

At The Last Hurdle we don’t just tick the relevant boxes on a sheet and hope for the best.

We drill down into your business and find out all about your current route to market, help you identify and reach new target markets, promote your products/services and identify the challenges you face.  We also implement sales and marketing campaigns that will improve and develop your company’s bottom line and help you to shine bright in today’s competitive markets.

It’s not just a question of setting goals and targets, we also roll our sleeves up and implement the effective campaigns that will get your business to where you want it to be.

business development servicesGetting The Business Development Services Your Business Needs

We have a hands-on approach to developing your business; squeezing every last drop of possibility out of each business development opportunity.

The Last Hurdle business development specialists know that every business is different and it needs a development plan tailored to specific industries, markets and goals. What works for one company, won’t necessarily boost another’s prospects, as I am sure you will appreciate there are so many variables! Even when we work with franchised businesses the offerings are the same/similar but the people, their goals for the business, the resources available, the tone etc. are all different.

Working with you, we will get to know what makes you tick so we can provide everything you need, from sales and marketing right through to an effective networking strategy, suitable social media campaigns and organic SEO to ensure you are not a well-kept secret!

That’s why we start with the simple question: Where do you want to be a year from now; five years from now, ten years from now?

The Future of Your Business

Put simply, if you have a good idea where you are heading, it makes it easier for us to identify how we are going to get you there. That may sound like teaching your grandma to suck eggs but you’ll be surprised how many businesses only have a vague idea of where they are heading and, more importantly, how they are going to get there.

At The Last Hurdle, we ask a lot of questions. Where you want to be in a year’s time is just one of them. Before we can start to develop your business effectively, we need to know everything about how your business works and how it interacts with consumers. You may be doing most things pretty well, though we’ll be able to offer advice on a little tweak here and there, or you may be struggling with certain aspects such as social media marketing or converting those enquiries into valuable sales.

The Last Hurdle will help bring everything together, making your business more responsive, robust, dynamic and successful for the years to come. You get immediate access to a whole range of skill sets that can supercharge your business including:

  • Professional sales methods, processes and implementation that convert more leads.
  • The marketing techniques that give you a greater reach.
  • Networking strategies and advice that puts you in contact with the movers and shakers in your industry.
  • Social media marketing campaigns that reach your target audiences in an engaging and productive way.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that makes your business more visible to those searching online.

And the great news is that you don’t have to select a one size fits all option. Before we work with a new client we offer a complimentary consultation and devise a detailed development plan that sets out the services we would provide to help you to develop your business.

Making the Most of Every Opportunity

business development servicesBusiness Development works best when all aspects and revenue streams are working in conjunction, your business needs to make the most of every opportunity that comes its way.

Take something as simple as a customer testimonial. Someone likes your product, writes a few kind words on an email and sends it to you:

  1. Let’s add that to the website, validating your product/service and giving your visitors an independent viewpoint of your offering.
  2. Let’s share this great review to your social networks, with a link back to the service or product page.
  3. We can include it as a snippet in your traditional marketing adding meat to the bones as they say.
  4. Expand upon the comment to write a case study, allowing the world to see how your product or service works in a real life application.
  5. We can include the case study in your digital or paper newsletter.
  6. Add it to your corporate literature.
  7. Compile a joint (if applicable) press release benefitting both your and your client’s business.

See how much extra leverage you can get out of one small testimonial?

Our philosophy is simple: We’re here to help your business grow, achieve its targets and raise that all important brand profile. In short, our approach is designed to increase your bottom line and help your business to achieve it’s goals.

Begin Developing Your Business Today

If you are ready to answer the question: Where do you want your business to get to? Then we’d like to hear from you. The Last Hurdle will walk you through the options, exploring your goals, helping you to develop and implement the best strategies that get you where you want to be.

It starts with a conversation and it ends with a business that is driving forward!