Social Media Engagement

When utilising social media for business, it’s all about the engagement, the interaction andSocial media building those new relationships, I am sure you will agree.

However, with alarmingly increasing frequency I am often pointed to a different social media site. The culprit seems to be mainly on Twitter. I counted 7x automated direct messages the other day, all asking me to go to Facebook to connect and see what’s going on… but I am here right now? If you want to engage with me here I am!

Social Media Engagement

Now I can see the point in directing me to a website, for more information, to show off a special offer or product range… After all it’s a great method of increasing your SEO and traffic through your social media campaigns. Still some interaction is needed to build that rapport for me to want to click through.

social mediaIt is so easy to become fixated on number building, must get more followers, must get more likes… but why, take a minute to think about what you are trying to accomplish. Presumably it is to get your offering in front of the right people, your target market. So wouldn’t it be better to have only 10x targeted relevant followers than hundreds of indifferent serial ‘likers’?

Social Media Engagement

The moral of the story, please don’t get sucked into the numbers game. If you are on social media platforms for business then take your engagement where you are! After all Facebook has really high numbers of site visitors, it doesn’t need your help to increase it!

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Social Media Engagement

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