When to Use a Call Answering Service

The Last Hurdle™ are advocates of sustained growth, and as such we ensure when recommending Business Development Solutions to our clients that the influx of expected new business is manageable and you have all the resources to be able to react to increased pressures upon your business. One way of coping with a large influx of calls, responding to a marketing campaign is to retain the services of a Call Answering service, which works out far more flexible and cheaper than hiring staff. This week’s guest blog is from AnswerMyPhone.biz and highlights the benefits of such a system:

Our call answering service lets you concentrate on your business!

call answeringAs you are undoubtedly aware, the telephone is the life blood of most organisations – often to the annoyance of many business owners. Unfortunately, the busier and more successful your business becomes, the less time you have to dedicate to affording your customers the attentive, personalised service you feel they deserve. Whether you are in meetings, on the road, or networking, it will all be in vain if you are losing new sale opportunities – or endangering existing ones.

Perhaps your business is starting to grow, not enough for an employee and all the associated costs, but too busy to manage alone. With the call answering service we can integrate our services with yours, enabling great levels of customer service, callers expectations are managed and frequently asked questions can be answered. And what happens after the call, well, all messages are sent directly to you by email, text or fax… Let’s see your answering machine do that!

With an effective call answering service, you will never miss important calls. In all likelihood, you already out source your IT, Accounts, HR and Legal requirements, why not your reception? Your first point of call.

Much more than just a call answering service

Your business will be assigned a dedicated customer service team who know your operation inside and out. We become so comprehensive in our knowledge of your business that your customers will not even realise they are talking to an outsourced team.

You’ll benefit from our UK based call answering service if you:

  • Work remotely and are often away from the office
  • Receive regular new sales enquiriescall answering
  • Are away on holiday and cannot afford to miss potential opportunities
  • Do not employ staff with appropriate customer service skills
  • Have frequently asked customer questions
  • Are regularly in meetings and unable to answer the phone
  • Would prefer to concentrate on work rather than answer the phone
  • Have engaged in a media response campaign and expect a high quantity

Call Answering

2 week no obligation free trial

Here at AnswerMyPhone.biz we are confident our telephone answering service will make your business stand out and will improve the level of sales activity. With our no-cost, no-obligation 2 week trial, you can soon start seeing the benefits for yourself.

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