Corporate Photo Shoot – Do Something Different!

corporate photo shoot Head and ShouldersWe’ve all seen them, the board in reception or the meet the team page on the website containing the usual suspects – mug shots of the Managing Director, HR Director, Marketing Manager, CEO and so on. Whilst most businesses opt for the usual face forward and shoot method (which tends to make everyone look like they’ve just been in a police lineup) opting for something a little more artistic can actually set you apart from your competitors and leave more of an impression on visitors.

Our tip: think less passport photo and more real life snapshot if you want to catch your customer’s attention.

A more dynamic corporate photo shoot can add lots of personality and punch to your website, giving customers a deeper insight into who you are and the level of service you supply. The photo of your team doesn’t have to be a straight head and shoulders shot. You can have them working with a colleague, answering the phone, sorting out a problem, giving a talk at a conference, standing overlooking the city – the list is literally endless.

If you are an SME you may have just a few key staff members you want to show off to customers and visitors. Even so, it pays to take the time to get your photo shoot just right. Add some pizazz and show off your corporate assets for all they’re worth if you want to create more of an impact.

Corporate Photo Shoot Things to Avoid:

Do try to avoid the passport style photo which neither grabs the attention nor makes you look appealing to the general public.

Don’t be too much fun – that picture of you holding a beer at last year’s Christmas do might seem brilliant and anarchic but it could make you look unprofessional in the eyes of some of your viewers.

Don’t use in-house pictures that have been taken by amateurs who just happened to have their smartphone handy. There is a place for this kind of candid photography in business marketing but it is not for the corporate photo shoot.

Corporate photo shoot - do something different

Pictures of you and your team at work will give a real flavour for your company!

Corporate Photo Shoot Things to Embrace

Do get a professional in to run your corporate photo shoot. Yes it is a little more expensive but the results are worth it and the photos can be used across a number of mediums.

Opt for plenty of personality in your pictures – make them dynamic, make them sharp. You are trying to forge a connection with your potential customers that says you are trustworthy and professional. That doesn’t mean to say you have to look like a robot.

Include your environment – you don’t have to be photographed against a white background, people actually want to see where you work. It can be at your desk, outside the building, in a corridor or even getting out of the lift.

Plan your photoshoot. Don’t just get everyone to turn up and stand in the same place, get staff involved in producing an interesting set of pictures that says everything about your business. Connect with your customers.

Let’s face it, as a business owner you spend much of your time being creative with product development and your online presence, including that all important website. Putting together a selection of dynamic pictures for your staff is simply part of that and you should give it the care and attention it needs and, more importantly, your customers deserve.

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