Top 5 Tips When Video Editing

This mid-week article is from our Apprentice, Martin Curson. Martin is very technically minded and has been kept busy for the last couple of months editing client videos. Ranging from a competition for a local garage, beauty product reviews, to a work out session with a well known and respected personal trainer. Whilst hiring a professional videographer and having your video content scripted for you is great in some instances (and a lot of fun) there are occasions when real is best! And that is hat Martin has been working on, really engaging video content for social media and digital marketing. Here are some of Martin’s top tips when editing your ‘real’ videos.

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Top 5 Tips When Video Editing

1. Sound levels

When working with audio such as music or raw audio from a recording, you need to remember not to have it too loud so that it distorts the audio and/or deafens the viewers. Keep the volume at a level that is easy to hear.

2. Usage of Effects

There are many different video editing programs that all have a good basic level of effects. Now rarely ever should you use jump cuts, which is a quick cut from one video to another. The use of effects may seem minor but can actually have a big impact on the flow of the video. Have a play around with your video editing software and see which effects suit your film best.

3. Power of Music

Now we have mentioned the importance of the levels of audio, however the use of music in a video can be extremely powerful. Whether it’s an intense workout video with energetic music, or just a calm voiceover with some peaceful music, it can impact the video immensely. Make sure you have the correct licence when you use music or you will quickly find yourself in hot water!

4. Preview, Preview, Preview!

A very basic, simple thing that can easily be forgotten. When video editing, you always want to preview the changes you make, without doing so, you may make a simple mistake that can make the video look terrible. All video editing software has a timeline for you to work on and a preview screen for you to watch. USE IT!

5. Exporting your Quality Edited Content

So now you have finished your video editing, you’re going to need to export the content you’ve made. Well I’m not going to talk you through how to do it, just what you should know when you do. You’ll have to bear in mind that the higher the quality of video, the longer it will take to process. With that in mind, you still want to go for the highest quality you can possibly get. This is usually 1080p which is a 1920×1080 resolution.

As you can see Martin has developed a real passion for his work. Video editing can be rather time consuming so make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to finish the project.

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