Paying for Twitter Advertising

Whether we enjoy chatting with friends or keeping up with celebrities, it’s no surprise that many of us can be found Tweeting throughout the day. With more than 34 million accounts, over 20% of the United Kingdom’s population use Twitter, and over 40% of those users are aged under 25. As a small business owner, this means that there is a huge potential audience at your disposal, especially if your business is centred around young people. Fortunately there are ways to invest in your presence on Twitter, and this is where paid Twitter advertising comes in.

When it comes to advertising on Twitter, you have two options. You can choose to invest in either promoted Tweets, or promotion of your account. If you choose to pay for promoted Tweets, you will have the option to either manually select Tweets, or allow Twitter to select the most engaging content for you. These Tweets are displayed at the top of each of your followers’ news feeds, for optimum visibility. You are also given the option to display your advert in specific geographical locations, which is ideal if you’re a local business or are considering expanding into a new location.

Paying for Twitter Advertising

twitter advertisingYou can choose a maximum value which you are willing to pay for each advert, and will be able to select your chosen user action. You could choose to pay for each retweet, reply, favourite or click through to your profile. This allows you to match your advertising campaign to your desired outcomes, whether they are related to your profits, company growth, or even something as basic as your number of Twitter followers.

The second option for Twitter advertising campaigns is to promote your official Twitter profile. This type of advertising is designed to increase your number of followers, as your chosen profile will be displayed to all users who are likely to be interested in your page, in their “Who to Follow” section. Users are selected based on their profile keywords, interests, and the presence of any similar pages which they also follow. While there is a great difference between following a page and actually making a purchase, as more users follow your page you will be exposed to an exponentially greater number of potential customers, which can in turn lead to increased sales.

Whether you choose to promote your Tweets or your profile, you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you pay for. Twitter doesn’t charge business owners a penny until a user carries out your specified action, whether it is to follow your profile, favourites one of your Tweets, or join the conversation themselves. On top of this, you’ll be able to set a daily budget for your advertising costs, so you can pay as much or as little as you want. All of this means that you’re guaranteed the results which you’re looking for, in a way which is affordable under your current budget.

Have you ever taken advantage of Twitter’s paid advertising by promoting a tweet or profile? Do you think this increased exposure leads to successful sales?

You can find our more about Twitter advertising by reviewing their topic sheets, click here.


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