The 5th Big Birthday Bash

I know I say it every year, but this year’s Big Birthday Bash was most definitely the best event yet! Well it was certainly the most fun, despite the rain! What better way to celebrate such a milestone – 5 years in business and still growing – than to be surrounded by our business friends old and new 🙂

big birthday bash 2016

The 5th Big Birthday Bash

We had the run of the lovely garden at The Crown Inn, the fabulous family run team even gave us a bouncy castle but it was a little bit wet to partake, well unless you are Trevor – how come he is still the naughty boy of the business and he isn’t even in it any more? Gotta love him!

big birthday bash 2016 Trevor Ray 2

It rained just enough for Frizzy hair – that’s Trev’s excuse and he is sticking to it.

The 5th Big Birthday Bash

As always our business friends, clients, suppliers and connections supported our charity drive, with over £2.5k of prizes donated there were some very happy bidders and a number of lucky raffle winners.

big birthday bash 2016 prizes 2016

The 5th Big Birthday Bash

The welcome drinks were flowing and so we unveiled our surprise – what do you do when you’re 5 years old in the summer? What else? You have an old school sports day! First team TLH challenged our guest to a tug of war – we may have under estimated the eagerness with which participants joined in the fun, it wasn’t long before Jules was on her bum being dragged across the wet grass – did we quit, well not right then no! But we were sorely out matched – we will have to train heavily to regain the title next year.

tug of war at big birthday bash 2016

The 5th Big Birthday Bash

Then came the three legged race. Partners were bonded with cling film – what else! And team TLH hopes were high, however due to an unforeseen cling film malfunction our team didn’t get off from the starting line. However, plenty of other participants enjoyed a seamless start as indeed did the winners Tim Brown and Trevor Ray – you can tell Jules isn’t really a competitive person by the look on her face… me thinks there maybe some serious training ahead of next year’s Bash!

three legged race at the big birthday bash

The 5th Big Birthday Bash

Finally the team triumphed with our secret weapon, Jacob Mathews in the Egg and Spoon race… Jules had high hopes for TLH glory after Jacob expressed a life long desire to re-run a childhood race. Thankfully it was only afterwards he confessed to having come last in his previous endeavors – so The Last Hurdle has it’s win – the glory that is that ancient art of running with a fresh egg on a spoon. Now taking pride of place of the office ‘Wall of Fame’ next to training qualifications, press releases and certificates of accreditation – The Last Hurdle are the 2016 Egg and Spoon Race Champions!

egg and spoon race at Big birthday bash 2016

The 5th Big Birthday Bash

After such athletic endeavors, it was only right more refreshments were provided sustenance by way of BBQ food was much anticipated and it wasn’t long before the only sound to be heard was the immortal words muttered at BBQ’s everywhere ‘Pass the Ketchup’. The delicious cakes made by Mindy at Sophisticake were delicious, no one realised these were cakes of mercy and at just 11pm the night before Mindy stepped in when our original supplier let us down. Thanks Mindy – they certainly went down a treat with all out guests!

big birthday bash bbq

And then all tuckered out a weary but happy team TLH called it a night, a quick count up confirmed our total raised for the amazing charity The Lighthouse Centre is £1,113.00 not too shabby, not too shabby at all!

the last hurdle team 2016

The 5th Big Birthday Bash

Once again we would like to thank everyone, all our connections who couldn’t make it but still donated prizes or bought raffle tickets. Our friends for coming along and supporting us, everyone who donated prizes, everyone who shared social posts and forwarded emails, everyone who made a lovely well wishing comment on our statuses and most of all a very big thank you to everyone who makes up The Last Hurdle, old and new you did us proud! Special thanks goes to Jon from JP Foto for being our photographer for the day – Jules was speechless when she saw some of the shots and says she wants to thank you in person…

We are sure you will agree he certainly caught the spirit of the day!

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