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The Last Hurdle™ Franchise Opportunity

the last hurdle franchise opportunitySince it was formed in 2011, The Last Hurdle™ has established a strong reputation as business development specialists and we are now looking to expand upon our success by inviting the right people to review The Last Hurdle™ franchise opportunity. Interested?

Ask yourself these questions: Do I want to be part of a dynamic brand? Do I want the luxury of being my own boss with the support and guidance of a head office? Do I want the satisfaction of helping SME’s develop their businesses? Am I a results driven and focused person? Do I want to develop my own skills and become part of a franchise team? Can I add value to The Last Hurdle™?

If you are answering YES to the above questions then read more about the franchise opportunity!

What we bring to the table

The support, training and tools you need to provide a comprehensive business development service to clients in your area.

Business_4_male_19.aiWe work with small to medium size businesses to help them develop and realise their short, medium and long term goals. We focus on core business needs where all growth is monitored, measured and managed, ensuring our clients have everything they need to drive their business forward.

As we are business development specialists our expertise will first be used to develop each new franchise. Providing intensive training in each of our core skill sets and ensuring the business has all the tools, software, systems and materials required to ensure a flying start. A mentor will be available and time will be spent with you in your territory helping you to establish your local presence right from the start.

What you will bring to the table

The right attitude and the right personality.

We can teach you most things at The Last Hurdle™ if you have a positive attitude, a proactive and professional approach and you have the personable attributes we are looking for. It’s not as simple as someone turning up and paying to be part of the franchise, just because you have the right amount of money does not guarantee we will offer a franchise. We have spent a good deal of time building our reputation and are most protective over it, we’re looking for serious people who can help us continue doing that.

franchise opportunityThe business development skills

The Last Hurdle™ utilise five core skill sets:

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Social media and digital marketing
  4. Networking
  5. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

At The Last Hurdle™, we like to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in, implementing the right processes and procedures, providing training and advice that brings the desired levels of business development to our clients. We essentially become an outsourced sales and marketing department that is flexible and reactive to current and future business opportunities.

Our clients come from all sectors and industries and we value our position of trust which means that we operate a strict policy of exclusivity. In other words, we do not work with competing businesses that might affect our ability to provide the best service or create a conflict of interest. Do you think you have what it takes to train/re-train in these skills?

The services we offer

Business_5_female_31.aiOur core business is with retainer clients who pay a comparatively small monthly fee (based upon the business requirements) for us to become their sales and marketing department. We delve into all aspects of the business and provide a comprehensive development plan that will drive the business forward to the next growth level.

Other clients need a more singular provision from The Last Hurdle™, such as a WordPress website, SEO or help with social media marketing.

Social media marketing

Most businesses are aware of the need to mix a strong social media presence with all other sales and marketing activities. The Last Hurdle™ has extensive experience on every major social media platform and we have a reputation for helping our clients get their message out to the right target audience.

WordPress websites

WordPress is more than just a website. It’s a powerful and popular Content Management System which is easy for clients to maintain and very search engine friendly. We have been developing great WordPress sites for our clients over the last few years and provide full training to get the best out this exciting platform.

Search engine optimisation

Business_5_male_38.aiSEO is one of those areas that businesses often struggle with. It can be a complex and time consuming process. To work effectively you have to stay up-to-date with the latest changes and tie it into all your other marketing practices.

The Last Hurdle™ keeps SEO for businesses on track with the help of Google Analytics and effective ‘white hat’ methods that create great organic search results.

Value added extras

Although our core business comes from working with retained clients, we believe that having a good mix of extra services that can raise our local profile is a very good idea and a great way of injecting extra income into any franchise. These include:

  • Training programmes that help businesses develop themselves.
  • Developing and hosting effective networking groups.
  • Running events and exhibitions for your retainer clients and local businesses.

Picking the right area

Each franchise for The Last Hurdle™ has its own exclusive territory licence. We believe that an area mapped to include a minimum 10,000 SME businesses is the ideal franchise size that is both generous and manageable. It helps our franchisees to establish a local presence, build a reputation and strengthen their business profile.

The Only Way is Ethics!

A reputation takes years to build and seconds to lose! Protecting the brand and the business ethics we all operate under is at the forefront of our minds when selecting a new franchisee. Just like any other work environment – there has to be an ethics match otherwise all parties are likely to be very unhappy. Listen to our first pilot franchisee Dr Trevor Ray as he explains in this radio interview why he decided to join The Last Hurdle team:


Communication_1_27.aiWhat next?

Deciding to invest in a franchise takes a lot of thought and research. To discuss further what The Last Hurdle™ has to offer and what you can bring to the brand, contact us on 01327 359908 and request a confidential and candid chat with our founder Jules White.


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