Google Algorithm Launch On 1st November

Google Algorithm launch When I hear the word Algorithm, I immediately think of difficult mathematical equations from school. In the world of Google and websites, it becomes even more confusing and GCSE mathematic seems like a breeze in comparison. However I will try and explain in simpler terms what Google Algorithm is and how it is changing.

When you enter a search query on Google, Google Algorithm looks for clues to give you the pages that you want. So relating back to mathematics, it formulates and processes your question and includes additional factors such as your location and dates of the content and quite a few other factors. From all of these calculations, you will have a range of websites and pages to choose from.

There is a new Google Algorithm launch due on the 1st November 2015 and will only be relevant to mobile devices. Its purpose is for Google to stop suggesting pages on its results page that cover most of its content with an advert to download an app. Google are doing this to try and make the search engine continues to be user friendly, so time is not wasted closing these pages or downloading apps to access information.

There is no doubt that most of us find these prompts for downloading apps extremely irritating, so many are welcoming the news of Google discouraging it. However this can be bad for companies that use this method to promote their business.  Google recommends solving this problem by using a banner instead of a full page to advertise downloading apps.

Knowing the dates of these Google updates is helpful for businesses, as it can help explain changes in rankings and website traffic and therefore you can make the appropriate changes to your website to keep up to date with Google. Find out more about this latest Google Algorithm here and how you can check whether your business will be affected.

Content written by Emily Stevenson, on secondment to The Last Hurdle for wok experience, studying History at York Uni.

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