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The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday that Facebook are working on introducing a ‘Dislike’ button-or something like it, for its 1.5 billion users. Zuckerberg states how the button is being introduced so users can “express empathy” on sad posts, for instance when someone posts that they are having a bad day, we have all seen those posts from friends that really warrant a ‘virtual hug’ but you really don’t want to inappropriately click ‘Like’.

The news has come with mixed reviews from Facebook users.  Many users are welcoming the change as they feel it is inappropriate to ‘Like’ posts when someone is sharing a recent misfortune in their life.  However many believe the button may be misused as a means of trolling. In a world that already vents so much anger on the internet, it is questionable how much of a good idea a ‘Dislike’ button is, as it might be used in an aggressive or harassing way. On the other hand it seems more likely for people to ‘Dislike’ advertisers and businesses rather than their Facebook friends, as they are much more likely to be confronted by their associates than a corporate company. What are your views on a Facebook dislike button?

facebook dislike button

Facebook Dislike Button

The ‘Like’ button has seen a wealth of success since its introduction in 2009, becoming one of the sites signature features. People have been requesting a ‘Dislike’ button for years, with various Facebook groups being created suggesting its introduction. We can understand why Facebook are keen to introduce a new feature, especially after last month’s success, where one billion people used the site in one day.

So Like or Dislike it, time will only tell how successful this new feature will be for the 1 in 7 users around the world.

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