Changing LinkedIn profile backgrounds

LinkedInA new and recent feature now available on LinkedIn means that a user can now customise their profile backgrounds with images in attempt to enhance their profile with cover photos. The facility means that not only can users make their profiles more personal, it also provides the opportunity to continue with company branding.

There are currently two options available depending on what kind of user you are. For premium members, there is a choice of not only using your own image, but also access to a gallery of images. If you are not a premium member, you can still customise your LinkedIn profile background but only by uploading your own image. The facility to choose from the gallery is not yet available to everyone, however LinkedIn are in the process of rolling this out in the near future.

Changing LinkedIn profile backgrounds

It’s very easy to upload or choose an image. All you need to do is log into your LinkedIn profile and a message will appear to show users they can now customise their profile by uploading an image of choice. It’s a very simple procedure, simply click where it asks you to customise and you can then upload an image from your own PC. The only specifications of this are:

1) The image must be in the file format JPG, GIF or PNG

2) No larger than 4MB

3) The recommended size is 1400 x 425 pixels

When you have chosen your picture/logo you can then adjust it much like you do on a cover photo on Facebook and Twitter. Be mindful when choosing the image as you will lose a lot of the bottom half because of the positioning of your profile picture and the ‘about you’ information. Unfortunately, unless Linkedin decides to provide us with the facility to completely customise the layout of our pages, there isn’t much you can do about it. When it is in the correct position however, you can then save and followers will then see what you have done.

The great thing about this facility is it give users the opportunity to brand their profile so people can visually see who they are before reading about it. It’s not a compulsory feature however if you decide not to use a background image, your profile will default to a light blue background. Bear in mind these backgrounds are currently only available to view on a PC so if you are viewing profiles on your mobile, you won’t see the full benefit as yet. This is a great feature, and a step forward for LinkedIn developing their online presence.

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