Facebook moves time

We’d all like time to stand still once in a while if it means being able to get more things done but what happens when you can’t find the time? This is something we have discovered this morning with a slight amendment to our status updates on our Business Pages.

You may already be familiar with the feature to schedule messages to your Facebook pages – both personal and business pages, however it seems there is a change happening for business pages.

Facebook moves time

If you schedule your status updates, you will be aware there of the clock icon on your status update bar that allows you to set when you want the message to appear. However, we have noticed this morning that this has disappeared from a selection of pages and rather than the icon you now need to click on the arrow next to the blue post button to select ‘schedule post’.

For those who no longer have the icon, a message prompt does appear to alert you but we have noticed this hasn’t happened to all pages so it seems Facebook are rolling out the time relocation as we speak.


The drop down gives you three options:

  1. Schedule post – this hold the same information as you would usually find on the clock icon
  2. Backdate post – this allows you to backdate your post to a previous date and will be published immediately to your timeline, however there is the option to hide it if you so wish. Seems a little odd to us?
  3. Save draft – this allows you to draft an update with an image if you require and save it until you are ready to post it.

Although we don’t schedule messages to Facebook ourselves, it’s always important to keep up to date with the changes that are happening on our social media platforms especially those quiet ones that creep up on us! Have you noticed it too?


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