Twitter Demographics

twitter demographicsYou’ll find Twitter in the latest news headlines on an almost weekly basis, usually with regards to a shocking celebrity outburst or similar social media scandal. However, as growing numbers of people sign up to the addictive and innovative website, more businesses are beginning to advertise their products and services in 140 characters or less. In fact, the massive potential of Twitter demographics has seen companies dedicate both time and effort to making the most of their online presence, with the help of dedicated Twitter marketing services available here in the United Kingdom.

It’s estimated that we spend an average of 289 minutes online each day, with an hour of this spent social networking. On top of this, 54% of us are active Twitter users. The potential appears to be out there, but in order to fully assess the suitability of Twitter marketing for our own businesses, we need to consider the demographics of these users.

Twitter Demographics

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of the United Kingdom’s Twitter demographic is its age. Two thirds of our Twitter users are aged 34 or under, with 40% of them below the age of 25. The popularity of this young target market has led many businesses here in the United Kingdom to invest heavily in their presence on Twitter, and with the help of specialist Twitter marketing services you too could benefit from this large potential audience.

In terms of gender, the United Kingdom Twitter demographics is evenly split. Males and females are split at 49% and 51% respectively, meaning clothing and accessory companies for women could have as much potential outreach as sport or motor vehicle services aimed specifically at men. This is a somewhat surprising statistic, as many websites – social networking or otherwise, will often feature a statistical bias towards one gender.

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Do you have an accurate idea of the geographical status of your target market? Do they reside in busy cities like London and Manchester, or further afield in rural areas? Statistics reveal that Twitter is more popular with those living in built-up urban areas, meaning that you could especially benefit from dedicated Twitter marketing services if your products or services engage with the city community. Furthermore, an estimated 82% of Twitter users will access the internet through their smartphones while on the move. If your business is specifically aimed at the urban, mobilised individual, can you really afford not to take advantage of the massive marketing potential offered by Twitter?

Over 400 million tweets are sent every day, from a huge 34 million accounts based in the United Kingdom, meaning there is a lot of competition for the attention of your potential buyers. On top of this, nearly 75% of accounts are following less than 50 pages, meaning it can be difficult to too break through to new users. Specialist online marketing services offer you advice and support in how to best harness the interest of your target audience, and convert this new company visibility into successful sales.

Do you use Twitter for online marketing? Is your target market hidden among the Twitter demographics? Have you considered enlisting the help of specialist online marketing services to help promote your business through exciting and engaging content? Contact our specialists by email or call 01604 654545

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