Facebook Demographics

In the past decade, use and awareness of social networking platforms has exploded. Millions of users are logging on to chat to their friends and family every day, and it’s now common practice for businesses to directly engage with their customers through social media. The biggest of these social media platforms is Facebook, so what could it do for your business?

Facebook Demographics

UK Facebook Demographics

Facebook recently revealed that users are posting up to 4.75 billion pieces of content every single day; from photographs to status updates, videos to links. Every day around 24 million United Kingdom residents will log onto the website, which spawned a $200 million Hollywood blockbuster several years ago. The numbers are clearly there, but some businesses may be reluctant to commit time and money to their Faceboook marketing, purely due to the type of people who use the website. After all, it’s all kids and those with too much free time, right?

Well, annual statistics regarding Facebook demographics, published by the American Pew Research Centre tell a different story. These results are worth considering, and will help you to determine whether your target market is using Facebook, and whether you should take steps to improve your social media presence.

Research has shown that of all social media users, 62% of men are registered on Facebook, as are 71% of women. Both figures are encouraging, but this may suggest that if your business is specifically targeted at female customers, you could be missing out on valuable visibility and sales by neglecting Facebook demographics.

uk facebook demographicSimilarly, if your products or services are directly aimed at young people, you could benefit greatly from enlisting the help of dedicated social media marketers.Facebook demographics Research shows that 82% of social media users under the age of 30 will be active on Facebook, more than all other social media websites put together. As age increases, Facebook activity appears to decrease. However, an impressive 73% of 30-49 year old users will be registered on Facebook, with a steady decline from 50 and above. This means that unless your target audience is the over 50’s, the chances are you could benefit from a Facebook marketing service.

You’ll also want to consider the financial situations and average income of your target audience. If your products or services are advertised as luxury, or perhaps offer superior quality for a higher price, you may be especially unsure of Facebook demographics marketing potential for you. However, research shows that 73% of social media users earning over £45,000 per year will use Facebook regularly, alongside 69% of those earning between £30,000 and £45,000. This means that even businesses selling luxury or expensive goods can benefit from the improved social media presence which can come as a result of marketing to Facebook demographics.

If you are a business who is struggling to decide if marketing to Facebook demographics is for you, you should now have a clearer idea of the type of people who use the website. Are your target audience likely to be found on Facebook? Could you boost visibility and sales by recruiting the help of a social media marketing service? Don’t sit on the fence undecided, have a chat with one of our business development specialists, we will explore with you where your target markets lie and how we could reach those with your marketing message keeping an eye on ROI. The initial consultation is complimentary. Call 01604 654545 now to book your consultation.

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