Top 10 reasons to have a WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the most powerful tools a business can use to develop its online presence. With a fifth of sites powered by it, including businesses like The New York Times Company and BBC America as well as celebrities from Usain Bolt to The Rolling Stones, WordPress provides one of the cheapest and most flexible ways to run a business website.

We have been using WordPress as our site CMS since 2011. We have seen a lot of changes and enhancements in that relatively short time, making WordPress, in our opinion, one of the easiest to use, dynamic, responsive and up to date CMS around.

Top 10 reasons to have a WordPress Website

website under construction1. It is very easy to use. Most business owners have neither the time nor the inclination to become proficient in HTML and web design – they have far more important things to do. WordPress makes a website easy to set up, manage and update and you don’t need any special skills to do it. If you can use a computer, you can use WordPress.

2. Although it began as a simple blogging platform WordPress has evolved into a web content management system (CMS) that provides everything a business needs to stay ahead of its competitors online. Not just your blog but your entire site can now be hosted within the WordPress platform.

3. WordPress is popular and liked by search engines such as Google and Bing. Even if you have no idea of search engine optimisation (SEO), WordPress and its plug-ins make it easy to develop good practice that will increase relevant traffic to your site.

4. There’s no need to hire an expensive coding expert to make your site functional. The WordPress package comes with a variety of useful and powerful tools that enable you to conduct everything from e-commerce to video hosting on your site. And it often takes just a few clicks of a mouse button to get things moving.

Top 10 reasons to have a WordPress Website5. Instant stats for your site inform you which pages are the most popular, where your visitors are coming from and what platforms they are using to access your site (Twitter, search engines, other sites). All this helps in developing a coherent marketing strategy and optimising your online content.

6. You no longer need to worry about the design of your site. There are a host of attractive themes to choose from, some of which you have to pay for but many that are free, giving your site the professional and attractive look it needs.

7. WordPress is mobile friendly. The use of smartphones to access websites has exploded in recent years and many WordPress themes adjust to look good even on a mobile screen. That means you don’t have to get an expert in to tweak your site, it’s already added on, ready to use.

8. Because WordPress is open source there are a tremendous number of resources available, developed by a large and enthusiastic online community, many of them free to use. And if you need help with any aspect of this platform, there’s always someone in that community who can provide support and has the right answer for you.

9. You can easily move your existing site to WordPress using one of their transfer tools. You may have been running a blog on another platform and don’t want to lose all that useful content. WordPress will allow you to transfer it over in a matter of minutes with hardly any loss of formatting.

10. Finally, WordPress is inexpensive. For small businesses that need to keep a watch on their financial outlay, WordPress provides a very economical, simple way to get your business out there and ready for a world-wide audience.

Although we are not web developers, we have devised a number of WordPress websites for our clients. You really don’t need to be an accomplished developer to use WordPress! All the hard work is done for you and with thousands of themes to choose from and with almost all aspects of the site customisable, and more plugins than you can shake a stick at which all add up to give you all the tools you need to devise your own individual web identity. if you have any questions regarding WordPress simply comment below or email We hope you enjoyed our top ten reasons to have a WordPress website, of course the site itself has an extensive forum where you can source new plugins, themes and seek advice from a bank of volunteers, simply visit or


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