The Basics of 360 Degree Pictures

1242_4868412360 degree pictures have revolutionised the way we capture moments, as they are great for scenic landscape shots. Also referred to as panoramic shoots, 360 degree pictures can be taken simply by using the ‘Pano’ feature on most Smart Phones, making it a lot easier to take a quick 360 shot when you would like to relive a picturesque moment later on.

The Basics of 360 Degree Pictures

A huge benefit of creating 360° images is that they stand out and look great for a wide banner on your website, rather than a traditional static image. They bring a ‘showroom’ feel, and show all angles of the object in focus. This means that 360 images are the perfect idea for hotels, restaurants or the great outdoors to say the least!

What 360 degree cameras are on the market?

With a 14-megapixel camera, the Ricoh Theta M15 Point and Shoot 360 Degree is the perfect 360 panoramic camera for beginners. It’s compact in size, so the Ricoh Theta is a great handheld camera for fun adventures and holidays. The camera will then connect to your device through Wi-Fi, meaning that you can access your 360° shots on your mobile or tablet, and share them at ease with your friends and family. Not only can you make 360 degree images, you can also create 3 minute 360 degree videos too, and then live stream them to watch them in real time. The Ricoh Theta ranges at just £189.99 on Amazon.

Similar to this, we have the LG 360. It comes to 13 megapixels, and with two 200° lenses, you can create amazing photos and videos showing all angles of focus. Just like the Ricoh Theta, the LG 360 also sends your captured photos or footage straight to your mobile, making it easier to view and share these later on. The LG 360 is priced at £149.99 on eGlobal Central UK.

What about interactive 360 videos?

Although with the recent development in virtual reality, we can now upload 360 degree videos and then interact with them – either by dragging our mouse or changing the angle of our phone. Take a look at this short interactive video of a 360 degree skydive in Brazil!

We have come so far over the last couple of years… what do you think will come next?

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