New Facebook Create Call To Action Button

What a difference a small button can make! The new Facebook Create Call To Action Button on Business Pages is a tiny button with huge benefits!

On your business page over your cover image, we are used to seeing the like, message and more options, this week Facebook have added another button called Create Call To Action. With the following legend: Add a Call-to-action Button to Your Page Make it easy for people who visit your Page to take a specific action on your website or app. Choose between buttons to encourage people to shop, book appointments, play games and more.

Click on this button for the create button and you will have the following pop up screen:

facebook create call to action button

New Facebook Create Call To Action Button

Choose which action is most suited to your page: Shop Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Sign Up, Watch Video. If you don’t have a tangible product to sell I suggest you do not choose the Shop Now Option.

Next you choose the website to click through to and the mobile site if they differ.

At this point if you have chosen the book now or watch video options make sure this link goes directly to the video or booking form. Don’t make people search for it, because they won’t, they’ll simple bounce out of your site.

Once satisfied you have made the right selections for you, click next.

On the next screen you choose how visitors using iOS – iPhone or iPad view your site. And same again for Android users.

create a call to action button 1

facebook create call to action button

After your Android selection simply click create and there you go! Your call to action is now live!

You will now notice that the metric has been added to your stat sidebar on your Facebook business page, to the right of your cover image.

facebook create call to action button

As with all new things, have a play around with your call to action button. For this exercise I created a simple contact us button, but I will be changing it to ‘Watch Video’ much more engaging – what will be your call to action?



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