Facebook Ads Measuring Your Performance

Once your Facebook ad campaign has been approved and is live, you will be able to monitor the results and see how it is performing through your Facebook Ads dashboard. The success of any marketing initiative depends a lot on how well you check progress and, just as importantly, interpret the results. This is one area where social media has progressed dramatically over the last few years and Facebook is leading the pack in this regard. For example: If you want to get more people to visit your website, when you first chose this objective Facebook would have produced what it called a pixel. This is a small piece of code that is then put into your website HTML and is used to monitor traffic from the campaign.

Facebook Ads Measuring Your Performance 2Facebook Ads Measuring Your Performance

When you’ve designed your first campaign in the Ad Manager, the dashboard comes up and you can instantly see what is going on. While many SMEs content themselves with the end results of how many conversions they get, drilling deeper down using the right software can give a fuller understanding of what is actually going on.

These reporting metrics allow you to:

  • Gauge success more accurately and identify trends.
  • Save money because less profitable avenues can be discarded more quickly.
  • Reach more people by reforming your strategy through the observable results.

By simply bringing up the Ad Manager dashboard you’ll immediately be able to see what campaigns you have running, how much they are costing you and how many people have seen your ads and how they have engaged with them. These can be split into individual adverts or sets that can be examined for underlying trends.

Facebook Ads Measuring Your Performance

Facebook Ads Measuring Your Performance

From the main dashboard, you can select an individual campaign and take a closer look at it. For example, you’ll be able to find out useful information such as how many people with mobile phones are engaging with your campaign or which locations are getting the most response. There’s also the opportunity to schedule reports and share information with relevant people on your team.

The benefits of having the right metrics in place that show how your campaigns are performing is all important but so is being able to tweak your content and visibility so that you get even more engagement. If you go down to set level, you can do just this on the dashboard. You can change your ad content or try different demographics simply by clicking the Edit button. In fact, any part of the setup of your campaign can be changed with a few clicks of a mouse button.

All this allows you to work towards optimising your ad campaigns and making sure that you are getting the maximum return on your investment. There is a standard hierarchy that goes from:

  • Campaign objectives: what you want to achieve.
  • Advert sets: groups of ads that have the same objective.
  • Adverts: Individual adverts.

This means you always have a clear idea of how your ads are being received and can look at how different objectives work in comparison with each other. Even complex campaigns can be easily managed and making changes is simpler than on many other platforms.

Learning to use and interpret the metrics that Facebook’s Ad Management Dashboard provides can involve a lot of tweaking and testing to find out what works best for your company. The good news is that you have more chance than ever of being able to run at optimal performance and getting a great return on investment for your marketing campaigns.

We hope you have found our Facebook ads mini series useful. If you missed them the other articles are: Choosing the Objective of Your Campaign, Choosing Your Audience and Setting Your Budget, How to Create Powerful Copy and you also might find useful this article all about Using Facebook Adverts. If you need more specific advice or would like The Last Hurdle Social Media Advertising team to look after your Facebook ads then give us a call on 01604 654545.

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