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Tag Clouds or word clouds have become very popular recently. A visual way of displaying almost any data a tag cloud can is a very aesthetically appealing way of displaying your keywords, services or products.

Here is our tag cloud, a map of the UK made from our own keywords and services:

The Last Hurdle™ Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud

 A simple idea, but very effective!

How can you apply this to your business? If you are a baker, you might want a giant cupcake made up of your products or maybe you work in IT and the image could be of a laptop. Insurance industry, perhaps a car shaped tag cloud with all your motor insurance related benefits. With these simple designs you are only limited by your imagination… What shape would your tag cloud be?

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  1. That’s a good idea I’d not thought of Jules, thank you. I was using a tag cloud, but stopped as it wasn’t adding anything. But I do like the idea of it in a relevant shape.

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