Does Your Website Load Fast Enough?

We have some interesting stats to share with you, confirming how impatient we are when browsing the internet:

Does your website load fast enough?


Does Your Website Load Fast Enough?

In this blog we talk about driving traffic to your website, using social media, blogs and links etc. But what happens if people ‘bounce’ back out. This can have a negative effect on your organic rankings in the search engines. As you can see from the infographic you have a handful of seconds before your impatient audience leaves the site, usually for good.

If you have spent a lot of time and effort on the content of your website, are making all the right online marketing choices, blogging regularly then it makes sense to ensure your website loads fast enough to retain those visitors you have painstakingly gathered.

Does Your Website Load Fast Enough?

If your website is slow to load, contact your web developer and find out why this would be, it maybe you have overly large images slowing things down, or it could be that you have not allowed enough hosting space… in fact their are a number of reasons why your website might not load quickly, seems a shame to let your online marketing fail for something that can be a relatively easy fix.

Contact The Last Hurdle™ if you need assistance with your online marketing, we will happily conduct a website review. Does Your Website Load Fast Enough?

*Infographic by Jade Thomas, Copyright The Last Hurdle™, 2013.


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