Social Media Platform Of Choice

For Jules it’s Facebook, for me it’s Twitter – our social media platform of choice that is. Yes we each use a number of platforms but for me the quick, short text message is my preferred one and so I am more inclined to use it to give a quick update. I also prefer it to have a browse and see what others are doing or what is going on in the world. You can almost say it is about communication preferences, do you prefer to read information in short sharp bursts, then Twitter will definitely be your bag.

The thing is that we all have our favourites whether it is clothes, foods, films – you name it, out of the many options we have there is a preferred one that we keep coming back to, one that makes us feel better than the others. It’s the same with any social media platform and the trick is to use that one regularly so that we get the most out of it.

Social Media Platform of ChoiceSocial Media Platform Of Choice

If we concentrate on our favourite first, we are more inclined to post to it on a frequent basis and that is the key to having an on-line presence. I am sure that we have all seen some accounts where nothing has been posted for weeks at a time, maybe even months – that doesn’t leave a great impression. By focussing on our social media platform of choice, we will be regular posters/contributors and be visible.

Not only will the frequency of message be more appropriate, we are also far more likely to engage with others and become an active part of the online community. As we use a platform more and more we recognise more accounts, get to know their personalities and nuances just like we would in the real world i.e. we begin to build relationships. Once we build relationships, that is when the magic starts to happen; whether that is a face to face relationship or one on a social media platform.

So don’t let the number of options bamboozle you, start with your preferred choice and use it regularly. Begin to engage on that platform and build relationships and it will be so much more rewarding. And remember, if you find social media at all confusing just give The Last Hurdle a call, we’re here to help make it simple.


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