Promote Yourself

Promote yourself

Blow your own horn! After all no one will trumpet for you. As a small business owner you are the one that is the most passionate about your product or service, right?!? Then shout about it!

I see lots of great companies that are far too modest. I am not suggesting you start ‘spamming’ your contacts or ramming your pitch down some ones throat at a networking event. But some self promotion is definitely in order. Let the world know how great you are. Whether through a blog, case study, elevator pitch, advertising material, website content, social media posts… there are a plethora of platforms for you to indulge in some self promotion. You are good, aren’t you? Well your customers think so, otherwise they wouldn’t be your customers.

Promote Yourself

Promote Yourself

Find what makes you stand out from the crowd, here’s a hint, it’s usually you, the business owner. It is your knowledge, skill, talent, manner, enthusiasm, qualifications, experience, attitude, ideas and personality that sets you apart from your competition! You are your Unique Selling Point (USP)  Now isn’t it time you capitalised on that?

Promote Yourself

Why not start a campaign, make sure you monitor, measure and manage it! Let’s see what Return On Investment (ROI) you get from yourself. There is a fine line, I am not condoning arrogance, but I see far too many business owners that dismiss their own worth. Time for some self recognition. And because people buy from people, by marketing yourself, as you , a person, with opinions a personality and experiences, people will emphasise with you and feel connected, the buying process is an emotional one so people will listen to their ‘feelings’ about you.

People will buy into you first and your products and services second.

People buy from people.

Promote Yourself!

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  3. I try to blow my own horn as often as possible. It’s the only way to convince people that I am the best at what I do. But I still do it with typical British reserve 😉

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  5. Great post thankyou-it is so difficult to promote yourself as most people are brought up not to ‘show off’! But you just need to get over that and have pride in what you do!

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