New Facebook Profile Video

Facebook has released a sneaky peek of a new feature which will allow us avid Facebook fans to have a short looping video as our profile picture. From the examples they have shown, it looks as though we will be able to have up to 7 seconds of video as your new profile display. Of course you’ll be able to see the profile video from any device you use Facebook, but you will only be able to create and upload from an iOS or Android device. The UI (User Interface) will also been changed on mobile devices. The profile picture/video will be centralised. Facebook says that people visit profile pages four billion times a day, so why wouldn’t they change something to keep them funky?

New Facebook Profile Video

New Facebook Profile VideoIn addition to the video profile, Facebook have also added a couple of other new funky features:

Mini Bio. I have had a lot of fun customising my new bio area, similar in length to the snappy Twitter legend.

Featured Photos, you can upload or select 5 of your favourite pics from your albums to sit just under your new mini bio. Which 5 to choose?!?!

Temporary picture feature. This new feature is in direct response to user activity, we all occasionally change our profile picture, for a special occasion like a birthday, holiday, anniversary or perhaps in support of a cause like the LGBT Rainbow wash. We will have the option of setting a picture, and assuming the new Facebook profile video feature, temporarily as our profile display and will be removed once the time set is up. You can set them from 1 hour up to 1 week or with the Custom feature, even longer. All the details about these funky Facebook features are available through the Facebook news pages.

So it looks like it’s time to get creative and have some fun creating a short profile clip, we are all looking forward to the hilarity (for some unknown reason we do know quite a few friends, clients and suppliers who all seem to be ever so slightly ‘wrong’ – yes I am talking about you!) the plans in the office are already hatching. So a very big Thumbs Up from us at TLH. What will you do in 7 secs?

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