Google Inside Premises

Google Inside Premises – Google Street View, first launched in the US in 2007 allows users to see their destination before leaving the house! With the addition of Inside Premises Mapping we are now at a point where we can view a bar, hotel or restaurant before booking, we can tour the offices of a prospective supplier and even take a peek inside a company before sending our CV in for consideration.

This internal virtual tour of your business premises involves a series of 360 degree images that are stitched together to give the viewer the option to see inside your premises. This is a great opportunity to showcase your venue or business. As they say a picture paints a thousand words, a virtual tour can be the deciding factor as to whether someone selects your business or a competitors. You are probably thinking at this point, there are areas of your premises that would not be appropriate on the web for all to see, usually the loos! That’s OK you choose what areas are visible, Google doesn’t demand access all areas.

Google Inside Premises

Google Inside Premises

The 360 degree Inside Premises Mapping is added to your Google My Business profile and resides alongside your Google Streetview. Giving viewers the option to see both the outside and inside of your premises.

Things you need to know about Google Inside Premises:

Choose a Google Trusted Photographer, these 360-degree photography specialists are approved by Google.

If you decide to include people in your tour all faces must be blurred.

Before commissioning a shoot, really think about the aspects a visitor will want to see, be aware that the tour should start from your entry way. Have a good tidy up removing any sensitive data from view, like whiteboards and Wifi notices.

The 360-degree images can be published to Facebook and can be embedded on your website.

Whether you want to showcase your offices, highlight your venue or give a tour of your plant, Google Inside Premises will allow your potential visitors to feel connected to you, even before the set foot in your premises. Want to see what a tour looks like? Google The Last Hurdle, click on our map listing on the right-hand side and in particular the area that says “see outside”. Once in the next screen click on the top left image and drag around to see the inside of our premises!

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