Digital Marketing Case Study

It all began with a query coming into Head Office from a local beautician who was looking for some advice regarding how to increase the profile of their business within the area. As is the procedure, the location of the establishment was quickly ascertained and the lead was passed on to the relevant franchise – TLH02.

Whenever we look to work with a new business, the first stage is to meet the owner/manager and undertake an in depth consultation. The main purpose of this is to discover where the business is now and then where they want it to be in 1, 3 or 5 years. For example, are they wanting to modestly grow a lifestyle business or is global domination in their sights – depending on these answers we can begin to put a plan together to achieve this.

What became apparent very quickly on this occasion was that the scope of the work was somewhat different to what we had initially imagined and was actually to discuss the launching of a new spa facility currently being built in a rural business park in South Northants. Having spent an hour and a half asking lots and lots of questions, we went away and put together a business development plan for the new spa. This detailed the steps, channels and mechanisms we thought should be put in place / completed in order for the business to achieve the goals of the owner.

When we returned to the potential client it became apparent that although they liked what we had created, the financial outlay required would be too great for the new business. The detail within the plan, however, had greatly impressed them and so they had taken it to a committee meeting of all the tenants on site and suggested that we help with marketing the park as a whole.

Digital Marketing Case Study

To this end we were invited to a further meeting to discuss options with the various business owners as they were particularly keen to have a new website that could be easily maintained and kept up to date. To facilitate the discussions we went along with a couple of pages mocked up to show them some of the possible features in addition to examples of work we had previously completed. As a result of this secondary discussion, TLH02 was engaged by the landlord to create a new website for the whole location advertising each of the businesses and also at least one further website for one of the tenants.

So discussions don’t always go as you think they will. Rather than working with a beautician we are now working with both landlord and different tenants to create multiple websites but it doesn’t end there. We are discussing on-going marketing of the location, particularly through different social media platforms and have been referred again to other businesses requiring updated websites; the final scope of work leading from the initial enquiry…….we will have to wait and see.

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