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We all know the power of recommendations and testimonials, but did you know you can add a ‘review’ tab to your business page that allows your customers to review you? This is a particularly powerful tool on Facebook business pages as the owner of the page, that’s you, is unable to in any way add to, edit or post their own reviews. This is a two edged sword as you cannot remove any adverse comments either, obviously if they break Facebook rules then it can be reported in the correct way. Reviews have to come from Facebook accounts that are not owners or admin’s of the page.Reviews

So now you know all those Reviews are legitimate, how do you go about adding a Review Tab of your own?

First step go to your page. Top right click on the edit page button. Then select from the left hand menu Apps and the reviews selection will be somewhere near the bottom, by clicking on the link you can find the direct link to the tab to be able to direct your loyal followers. If you have the ‘Go to Application’ option click this and follow the instructions, if not it means you already have your tab, time to go and drag it into the light! When you are in the ‘edit page’ mode of your page you are able to click and drag the page selections to the left (just under your profile picture) this will enable you to re-arrange your page contents in order of priority.

Now you have your Review tab, time to get your customers to leave a review, a great way is to utilise that link we found above, it can accompany a direct call to action and will save any stumbling around by people not to familiar with Facebook.

Happy reviews gathering :-)

Reviews are a great way to raise your own profile, so make sure you leave reviews for services you have used

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