Positive language, Positive thought process, Positive outcome!

I want to share some knowledge that I gleaned from a journalist speaker I saw quite a few months ago and whilst quite simple it has a profound effect when you apply it to important negotiations. It’s about positive language, which induces a positive thought process which in turn will provide a positive outcome. Try it and see.

Positive language

Positive languageHere’s a simple example, when describing the weather, the statement ‘It’s not raining’ doesn’t conjure up a mental image of good weather, instead saying ‘it’s sunny’ has a far more positive mental picture, and yet they both mean the same thing. Another example saying ‘it’s not a disaster’ the word not doesn’t counter or cancel out the word disaster, the mind has been drawn to the word disaster, far better to say ‘everything is fine’ but only if it is fine of course 🙂


Positive language

Positive Language

So let’s take this one step further, in your sales negotiations your potential client remarks that your product or service is quite expensive. Rebutting that it ‘isn’t expensive’ is going to have the same rules applied as above, again far better to utilise your own positive language and respond that it is actual most reasonable when all things are considered. Receiving this kind of OBJECTION to the sales process is very common and means that your ground work when analysing their needs may not have been as complete as you thought or you have not highlighted the value as it would personally benefit them. But that is another blog…

Positive language

For now try using positive language, don’t be a parrot and repeat back the same sentence as other people, change your negative language to a positive outcome.


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Have fun trying out your positive language …

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