Managing the Unmanageable MD

Article by Ellie Green, The Last Hurdle Ltd Office Manager and PA to Founder Jules White.

For the last 2 years, I have been lucky enough to work for an incredible person called Jules White, the MD of The Last Hurdle. During this time, I’ve adapted and become very well equipped at organising and supporting her and she is now affectionately known as the ‘unmanageable MD’. I support Jules with a variety of different tasks, from ensuring the office is well stocked and presentable at all times to managing Jules’ diary. There have been quite a few times where Jules has booked in her own appointments and it has gone terribly wrong, causing a lot of confusion for Jules and clients.

Never fear Ellie is here!

I spend a lot of time booking in appointments and letting Jules know what date and times she has to be places and making changes to her hectic schedule, we are a very busy team! I have devised a system and it works very well, as long as Jules doesn’t get involved – no more surprise appointments! To be honest, most clients now know to book in with me, so the meeting appears in the online diary, which I can imagine is very reassuring for all!

managing the unmanagable md

Managing the Unmanageable MD

I believe I am very good at what I do here at The Last Hurdle and I continue to develop every day, gaining more skills and knowledge of the business world. Although I started working at The Last Hurdle as a Sales Apprentice I am now the Head Office Manager and Jules’ PA, and my skills have grown considerably. I have achieved an NVQ Level 2 in Sales also I have attended a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course improving my communication skills.

I will continue to grow and develop my knowledge and skills, and look forward to what the future will bring for me here at The Last Hurdle.

However, how I have managed to manage the ‘unmanageable MD’ is still a mystery even to me…

I make a lot of phone calls and send a considerable amount of emails every day to organise Jules and her schedule and I make sure Jules knows who she will be meeting, where and when.

Seem simple? I’d like to see you take on the challenge …

I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to work at The Last Hurdle ‘looking after’ Jules, the office and the team.

Jules is very good at what she does and has grown The Last Hurdle a considerable amount since I first started here in 2013. I look forward to continuing to organise and support Jules in order to drive the business forward and I am extremely excited to see what the future holds for us both.


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