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Is Facebook for Business a Waste of Time? — 1 Comment

  1. This is a really informative post, on Facebook pages. Personally I detest the social side of facebook, but this is down to peoples inability to use it properly.

    That said and as this post points out, pages are neccessary, for your business as they provide a good back link to your website and facebook is one of the top 10 sites with a domain authority of 100, which shows that the search engines trust it, that has to be a good thing.

    Facebook pages can also be connected up to both Twitter and Instagram. Instagram is not surprising, because facebook owns it, but surprisingly though it does own Instagram, Instagram is not among the top 10 High Authority sites, or at least not at time of writing this.

    You can also use your page as a blog, as well, provided you have it correctly set up, with tags so the search engines can find it. Not doing this, means you are effectively missing out on a ton of good organic traffic as well as paid advertising from search engines.

    True Facebook has 2 billion users, of which there are around 1, billion active small business users… But there are in excesss of 4 Billion people who use the internet.

    All that said and a pause for breath… Very good article, to which you should give some consideration to using pages

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