Is Email Marketing Dead?

Among marketing agencies and business owners alike, the issue of email marketing is heavily debated. What was once one of the most commonplace marketing techniques appears to have lost its shine in recent years, with many now wondering whether it’s worth investing in at all. SO, is email marketing really dead? Or can it still be used to good effect?

The most obvious benefit to email marketing is the large potential user base, and the longevity of an email. Not everyone who browses the internet will use Facebook or Youtube, or be confident in independently Googling your company. However, almost every one of us now has a permanent email address. An email, whether it’s from a business or a friend, will stay in an inbox indefinitely, even after it’s been read. This is an advantage over less timely marketing solutions, like Twitter tweets or Facebook posts, where older content can be quickly swallowed up by new user activity.

open email marketingHowever, the main problem with email marketing has always been the issue of non-reading or deleting of emails. Any one inbox may receive several marketing emails every day, which can easily become a nuisance to potential customers, leading them to delete all of the messages without opening a single one. This is under the assumption that your email will even make it into the inbox, and not the junk or spam folder. Open up your email account now, and you’ll likely find many emails from various businesses which you were previously unaware of. To avoid these spam-detection systems, you’ll need to make sure your content is engaging and interesting, as opposed to spammy or obtrusive.

Email Marketing Campaigns

You need to pour serious thought and planning into every marketing email, as sending them too frequently will often trigger the anti-spam mechanisms mentioned above, meaning all of your emails will be blocked or placed in the junk mail folder. On top of this, you’ll likely only have one chance with a customer. A single email can reach millions of your target audience in just minutes, and while this can be beneficial to your business, it could also be disastrous if you aren’t email marketing in an effective manner.

Even if your potential customer does open up your email, you still have the challenge of persuading them to visit your website or make a purchase. You can do this by making your emails friendly and engaging, while being personal to your customer. You’ll want to demonstrate how your business will benefit them, or offer them something new – whether it’s a discount or a new product. By coming across as non-invasive and transparent, you’ll not only gain the trust of customers, you’ll enjoy an improved ROI.

Email marketing is far from dead, but it does require a lot of planning and effort. Gone are the days of faceless, nameless spam campaigns, instead you’ll need to tailor your email marketing to your target audience. This will involve the content of the email itself, but also by sending them to the right people. Use an opt-in service as opposed to third-party mailing lists, and not only will you receive a better response rate, you’ll avoid potentially tarnishing the reputation of your business.

Do you usually open emails from businesses? Can email marketing be an effective strategy in today’s heavily digitised world? What makes good, engaging content? How can you avoid spamming people? Call us on 01604 654545 or email to discuss these and any other queries you may have regarding email marketing campaigns.

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