How to Get the Best From Your Sales Team

Does your company employ a salesperson or a sales team? Are they meeting targets or have they lost their way and no longer bring in the business?

Before you decide that you need to change personnel ask yourself if you are providing them with the support and the motivation they both deserve and require to succeed.

How to get the best from your sales team

Do you meet with them regularly to plan sales activity and review progress against targets?

Have they received first class training?

Is their product knowledge unbeatable?

Are they using up to date sales techniques?

Are they clear about the markets they are targeting and the benefits of the products or services you are offering?

Do you celebrate the successes they have had?

Are you available to assist and guide them?


How to get the best from your sales team

How to get the best from your sales team

How to get the best from your sales team

If you can answer yes to the above points then you have given them every chance of being successful. If they are left to their own devices with no input or feedback from you they will soon lose motivation and not give you the return you need to make it worthwhile employing them!

To give your sales people the best possible chance of success it is vital that you provide them with all of the sales tools that you have available and that the communication between you is constant and consistent.

If you need further help and advice developing and motivating your sales team please call The Last Hurdle. We are Business Development Specialists working with small and medium sized companies to help them achieve their business goals.


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