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Goal Setting — 4 Comments

  1. Love this. I’m a real goals girl. I can say 100% hand on my heart. If I didn’t set myself goals in my business I’d be bankrupt. In my first year of business, I was so busy. I worked far more hours then than I do now, but I actually accomplished very little. ABout a year in, I realized things had to change. That’s when I fell in love with Goals.

    • I can see we are going to get on famously Wendy – one of my favourite sayings “You’ve gotta have a plan Stan! Without a plan you are rowing around on a misty lake with only one oar – if you hit anything it will be by sheer accident and probably something that you don’t want to encounter!”

  2. Great post Jules- I do have some personal goals as well as work ones, which I would like to attain during the next 12 months. I look ahead to seeing my business grow further still in 2015 and to continue providing current and also potential clients with the 5* service that I have gradually built up during the past year or so.

    I realise there is much room for improvement in business of any nature and to offer the best that I can for all who use my pet care service, and to enable me to to continue research for the job that I do. Client satisfaction is paramount to me and so is the way in which I work.

    My personal goals are not exactly simple, but family and friends who know me, know I don’t give up easily and I have a determined streak to see something through to the best of my ability. I have faced a lot of significant challenges in the last 12-18 months which have altered the course of my life, some good, some not.
    But on the whole, I know I will be working hard to make 2015 a better year. Maria

    • Go for it Maria, with that kind of determination you will go a long long way! Don’t forget to get specific and write these goals down, then document how you will reach each one – this process really does help – and everyone gets satisfaction from crossing things off a list!

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