Five Reasons Why I Blog

Five Reasons Why I Blog

Although I enjoy enthusing about my business and sharing my passion, when it comes to blogging it is part of a much bigger whole, there is a much bigger picture.

I shall elaborate. For me when I write a blog or even when I seek a guest blogger I have a variety of motives for doing so.

blogThe first, my online marketing has worked very well in fact 86% of our business in the first year came from social media and I have won business on the back of a blog and so it makes sense to continue to spread our good word.

Second, blogging is an integral part of our SEO campaign, utilising keywords and phrases my keyword research tells me are winnable and implementing them in a blog. I find that our keyword research results can provide some much needed inspiration.

Third we know people need to be ‘touched’ I prefer ‘reached’ a number of times before they buy from you, a blog is a great way to stay at the fore front of my connections minds.

Fourth, I love to share the knowledge, It costs very little and if it helps someone out then that gives me warm fuzzy feelings which are not to be under estimated in importance, we all need to feel validated from time to time.

Fifth, it gives me an excellent platform to have a rant. Something I try not to do too often but it does allow me to let off steam. In a professional manner of course.

Those are my reasons to blog, what are yours? Are you as focused with your reasons why?

I find the same applies with all forms of marketing, you have to have a clear plan as to what you want to achieve from your blog, make sure it ties in with all your other marketing campaigns and of course the all-important SEO consideration.

My five reasons why I blog. What are yours?

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  1. Your post outlines some of the simplest reasons to blog, but oh so important. It’s not rocket science, but so many people still don’t understand the value or the power of blogging for business.

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