Adding a Services section to your Facebook Business Page

If you are using social media to market your business, then in all likelihood you will have a Facebook Business Page. It is imperative that your Facebook Business Page explains all the key information about your business and what services or products you offer.
The ‘Services’ tab on Facebook is a great way of doing this, as it provides a neat summary that readers can skim over to see if what you offer is relevant to them.

services1Adding a Services section to your Facebook Business Page – What are the benefits?

A huge benefit of using the Services feature on your Facebook Business Page is that even if you offer a wide variety of services, you can showcase them all with just one Facebook Business Page. For example, The Last Hurdle Facebook Business Page shows our diverse marketing services: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Content Writing and Organic SEO.

The Services feature of your Facebook Business Page also allows you to exhibit the prices of each service. Don’t be put off, this is an optional field. If you feel wary of disclosing a price or if like us, you are in the service industry and price is entirely dependent on the level of services provided, you don’t have to add a figure.

How can I add Services to my Business Page?

To add Services, click on the ‘Services’ button found on your Facebook business page menu, which should be on the left hand side of your screen.ServicesWhen this takes you to the Services page, click ‘Add a Service’.ServicesThis will then bring up a blank Service template where you can add the name of the service, as well as the price, a description and an image of your choice. (Be sure to keep the description very brief, as you are limited to using only 200 characters).
This image below shows an example of how you format your Services.

ServicesClick ‘Save’ to then add the service to your page. The service will then be live on your Facebook page for prospective clients and customers to view. You can add as many services as you need to your page, however be sure to not over-clutter your page too much. Remember that your business page needs to be simple, easy to understand and easy for others to know what your company does. An organised business page will provide all the key information your target market may need to know.Adding a Services section to your Facebook Business PageIf you would like assistance creating the right look for the Services tab on your Facebook Business Page or indeed would like to revamp any aspect of your social presence, then contact The Last Hurdle Social Media Specialists on 01604 654545 or email

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