The Last Hurdle™ Sales and Marketing

Herein lies our key strength and experience, it is the solid foundation stone for every business development project we take on. The traditional sales and marketing that ensures success once we have ascertained your target market, planned how to reach them, researched what they need from you, then it is simply an education process.

The Last Hurdle™ does NOT condone unprofessional sales and marketing tactics and will not advise, utilise or implement fear selling tactics or bullying tactics. With our considerable experience we have found customers of all walks of life respond to a positive emotional experience in a far more positive manner and are far more likely to buy from you, recommend you and come back to you!

The sales and marketing service range includes but not exhaustively;

Sales and Marketing Visual

Sales and Marketing



Sales processes, sales management, CRM pipeline development, sales measuring, target assessments, sales training, sales coaching, sales implementation, goal setting, sales planning


Sales and Marketing Visual

Sales and Marketing


Marketing campaigns, marketing strategy, marketing plans, direct marketing, sales literature review, ROI investigations, marketing implementation, market analysis, target market identification



The Last Hurdle™ Sales and Marketing

Due to necessity the sales and marketing service is extremely bespoke, after all no two companies are alike so neither can our service for different companies be packaged into a neat product box and pressed upon clients as a cure all. After an effective needs analysis and consultation we can advise on sales and marketing processes, can you improve upon your current conversion figures, what’s your most common objection?

Whatever your sales and marketing status, we can improve your income, your bottom line and your ROI. We work on retainer and you will be surprised just how low our monthly fees can be. The first step is to acknowledge you need help. Have you got a wonderful skill, talent or product and no idea how to get it out there? Do you have existing processes but still no idea where your customers come from and how to get more? Maybe you have an existing sales team or individual whose performance has dropped off. As bespoke as your service/products are, as unique as your issues are, we will match the sales and marketing strategy to fit your ethos, environment and requirements. Get in touch for a consultation meeting, all it costs is a cup of coffee!

Contact us for any queries you have to do with Sales and Marketing and we will be happy to help

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