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We often hear on the news or see on TV how large corporations facilitate sizeable donations to charities, for example the Post Office on Red Nose Day or ASDA for Children in Need. As smaller company owners we often feel that this “Fine for them” as they have the resources and personnel to do such things. We feel that we are already so busy that we have neither the time nor energy to contribute in this way. In many regards that is an accurate statement, we are unlikely to be able to donate a 7 figure sum from our efforts but we can, indeed thousands of small companies do, make an important difference.

Working with charitiesSo why give up valuable time to help charities?

Firstly I believe that it wonderfully demonstrates the ethos of an organisation and its owners/managers. One of the traits of a genuine leader is to lead by example – so what better way to prove your company values than by living them and assisting worthy causes.

It also has a massively positive impact on employee engagement. We all need to feel valued and that is exactly what happens when we help charitable organisations – we know that we are each making a genuine difference.

Another advantage to your organisation is that it can provide great PR. Some people view working for a charity with great cynicism and assume that this is the prime motive – when that is the case it is pretty clear for all to see. The human mind is very adept at seeing through the smoke and mirrors.

The Last Hurdle Working with Charities

In our own case, The Last Hurdle consistently works to assist a number of charities using our expertise (for example to assist social media profiles, create websites etc), our time or by helping to fund raise. Examples of the latter include our annual Big Birthday Bash, a recent parachute jump and, already planned for next year, one of us doing a 24 hour cycling challenge.

So whilst I agree that working with charities further stretches an already busy business, the rewards far outweigh the cost in time and resources.

Our Why.

There are a number of reasons above why small businesses should support charities; there is also a very personal why in many cases. Life has many curve balls and each of us have been effected in different ways. So what are The Last Hurdle whys:

We support The Lighthouse Centre because our founder Jules White, at the age of 18, lost her mum to cancer.

We support Kids of Heroes because who else is going to look after the children of those who protect us?

We support Ripple Africa because every child deserves an education, academic and beyond!

What’s your why? Or what’s your why not?

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