What is Keyword Research

keyword researchKeyword research is all about finding out what  your target market would put into Google or the other search engines to find your product or service. With effective keywords from a keyword research, you will see your website climb the natural rankings (those unpaid for listings) within search engines.

How do they find your website? The first misconception is in the name, it is rarely a key ‘word’ usually we type a number of words or a phrase to find that which we seek through Google and other search engines. So, whenever we refer to a keyword, keep in mind that it can in fact be a few words, more accurate to describe as a Key Phrase.

I have seen some beautiful websites, visually stunning, funky colours and tons of great content. However if the page titles and content do not contain words or phrases that your target market are looking for, then you won’t be spotted easily on the search engines.

So how do you find out what your keywords are? Research!

Keyword Research – There are a number of online programs you can use to check what people actually search for when looking for a similar product/service. Or simply, put yourself in potential client shoes, leave your industry ‘buzz words’ at the door and think about how you would describe your business in layman’s terms.

A professional keyword research takes a considerable amount of time, but the results are very powerful. The result show not only what potential customers search for, but will also give indications of how many other sites have the keyword or keyphrase – what the level of competition is. With this knowledge we can assist you to choose the best pertinent keywords for your website with the least amount of competition.

The internet is becoming an increasingly competitive place and it is becoming harder to ‘win’ the more popular keywords. Making regular keyword research a must if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Keyword Research Example:

The keyword ‘wedding photographer’ is a very popular search term.

It has on average 368,000 searches in the UK every month – a huge amount of people looking for a wedding photographer! However, the amount of websites that have this phrase as a keyword is far greater than this number, 5,982,596 websites have ‘wedding photographer’ as their keyword. Which means there are far more sites with the keyword than there are searchers. A very high competition rate!

However the keyword ‘wedding photographer northampton’ has on average 1600 searches per month and with only 293 websites there are more than enough leads to go around. Plus you will receive enquiries from a more local source meaning which can be more profitable

keyword researchThe key is to be specific, be as specific as you can and compare your keywords to find the most winnable keyword or keyphrase that is pertinent to your website. Location is just one way to be specific, there are lots of ways to stand out from the cyber herd and we can assist you to find these.

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*Disclaimer – the example shown in this blog article is there to provide just that, an example! It is not meant to be taken as a reflection of current figures as it is based upon a historic keyword research.

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