Why Video Content is so Important

Video content has arguably become the most effective tool for a business’s online marketing team, with plenty of research to suggest that it can significantly increase both customer engagement and number of sales. The latest statistics suggest that 55% of us, or 30 million users here in the United Kingdom , will watch at least one video every day. With the rise of popular websites like Youtube and Vimeo, and ever-increasing numbers of people going online, this figure is only expected to rise.

Why Video Content is so Important

youtube video contentAfter Google, Youtube is the world’s largest search engine. The website attracts a billion unique visitors every month, with 100 hours of footage being uploaded every minute. With video also being shared on independent company websites and social media platforms, the massive potential outreach for video content is clear. These statistics suggest that if you’re not utilising video content marketing, you could be missing out on thousands of potential sales leads.

Forrester Research, an American technology and market research company, have published research claiming that a single minute of video content can be as engaging and effective as 1.8 million words. On top of this, the chances of a page one Google listing are increased 53 times with the inclusion of video content. Although this study reveals the clear potential for engaging customers and improving search engine optimisation, it’s also worth considering the marketing-specific effects of online video.

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Earlier this year, marketing specialists Eloqua, computing giant Adobe’s  CMO.com and independent advisors Software Advice measured the marketing potential for many different forms of online content. They discovered that for marketing respondents engaged with video more than any other form of content, with the exception of an about/contact us page. The other forms of content included live demonstrations, case studies, white papers or free trials. This means that video content brought in more interest, and subsequently more sales, than many of the marketing strategies which a small business may be pouring time and money into.

Sociological researchers suggest that this video content marketing strategy works primarily due to the human connection which is established through video. We’re evolutionarily hard-wired to pay closer attention to moving images than static ones, and will unconsciously build rapport with individuals by hearing their voice or observing their body language. Through video content you can also put a face to your company, encouraging a personal relationship with the customer which is more likely to lead to a sale.

If your small businesses marketing strategy requires a breath of fresh air, why not invest in video content? You can embed them in emails, upload to your official company Youtube channel, and even share the links over social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Research by Econsultancy shows that 54% of UK internet users are exposed to a branded video in some format every day, with 54% of those clicking through to the website. Can you afford not to take advantage of this massive potential?

So what video content should you consider? Perhaps something like the video below which introduces the company:

Alternatively you can showcase products or services with video content like the one below on our Social Media Services:

Deciding on what your video content should include will depend on your product/services, your target market and the look and feel of your website. Have a chat with one of our Business Development specialists for some innovative ideas on how to showcase your business, increase your audience engagement and organic SEO rankings all with about 2 minutes of video content. Call 01604 654545 or email sales@thelasthurdle.co.uk

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