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The Last Hurdle Milton Keynes, franchise number TLH03…

is currently a vacant franchise. This doesn’t mean there is no one available to help you grow your business. Quite the contrary, we have a number of clients in Milton Keynes, looked after by Jules White, Trevor Ray and the rest of The Last Hurdle team!

Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing towns in the UK, a unique business community with a large array of supportive groups, it’s easy to see why the towns businesses are growing so fast! One of our original franchise areas, our Business Development services are very popular in Milton Keynes. To find out more about what it takes to become a franchisee please click here. To enquire about a complimentary consultation to see how we would help your business grow please call 01908 828790 or email

Sales & Marketing 

The foundation of any business development. We take the principles of sales and marketing and apply them to each of our clients businesses, ensuring the processes, the implementation and practices are generating the right results. Sometimes you need to go back to basics! What’s in your pipeline? Is it enough?

Digital Marketing & Social Media

We live in a digital age, never before have we enjoyed such unrestricted access to our target markets, all at our finger tips. We look at your target market and devised marketing campaigns through the various digital methods and ensure you are getting your message in front of the right audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You may have a beautiful website, packed full of your products and services, if you haven’t optimised your website then it’s like having a beautiful shop window, located down a dark, dingy alleyway that no one walks down. SEO allows those who are searching for you and your offering find you!

WordPress Websites

We design, host and deliver mobile responsive, search engine optimised and effective websites. Gone are days of websites having a prohibitive cost, unattainable for the small business owner, our basic websites start from £180 +vat


We work with our clients to ensure they have a bit more strategy to their networking, rather than just having a meal with some nice people we will encourage you to seek referral partners and devise more of a strategy, all business development streams work best when planned!

Branding & Graphic Design

What does your brand say about you? Do you have a clear concise strapline? Does your logo represent you? Company branding is important but not just for your customers. You will be living with your logo for the foreseeable, that is why it is so important to us that you are happy with the brand we create for you.

Business Development – Milton Keynes.

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