The Power of Positivity

What does positivity actually mean?  The definition of positivity according to Merriam-Webster:

  1. the quality or state of being positive.
  2. something that is positive.  It’s a state of mind and something we can all do or be affected by.

The Power of Positivity

Don’t ignore what is going on around you, acknowledge it, learn from what has passed and turn into a positive.  How many times are you negative and hear yourself say; why is this happening to me?  What can I do about it?  Said, it’s not fair? Or, felt that the timing is really bad for something like this to happen.  Sometimes there is no right time, sometimes you cannot control things, but something I was told by a very wise boss, many years ago was “don’t put time and energy into something you cannot affect!”  Those words resound with me every-time I see it happening to somebody else or even myself.

The Power of PositivityWhat I’ve learned to do over the years is, let it go, think about what can I do to affect it, smile and be positive.  It’s only when you let the positivity in, it pushes the negativity out and you are then in a position to put energy into something and affect it….. You now possess that positive quality and are being positive.

Life wouldn’t be balanced if there wasn’t a positive for every negative….. Look at magnets.  Have you ever tried to put either, two negatives or two positive sides together, it doesn’t work!  Like magnets, life needs balance, it’s how you view or deal with it that makes the difference

Recently a person I know lost their job, their partner isn’t currently working and the timing, financially, was not great.  Instead of thinking about how bad things could get, they just got straight into finding a new job/opportunity ASAP.  Within 3 days they had a new job, their partner still isn’t working but they are.  Reality is, things are not anywhere near as bad as first imagined and it takes the pressure off a little.  This is the positive out of the negative of losing their job.

If they hadn’t decided to forget the “woe is me” (negative) and embrace the (positive) “what can I do to change this”, the chances are, they would still be sitting around in the negative state and waiting for somebody else to solve their problem!

Forget negative, think positive……. Positivity gets results!


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