5 Tips – Making the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

facebook-3If you have set up your Facebook business page and are now wondering how to get the best from it, the good news is there are plenty of tools available online. To get you going, here are five quick tips for improving customer engagement and boosting you online visibility without breaking sweat.

Subscribe to Events – Making the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

It might seem an obvious change to make for Facebook but the new ‘subscribe to events’ button makes life so much easier, especially if you run regular events. You can also subscribe to your own choice of events and have these on your Facebook page calendar, allowing people to see where you are going to be next. For details of how to ‘subscribe’ to an event so you can encourage your Facebook page followers to get notified of your events, check out this simple guide on the Facebook help pages. Subscribers do not have to like your page to be able to subscribe to your events!

Customer Reviews – Making the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

Customer reviews are a valuable and powerful tool for any business. Customers and fans can rate your product and comment on it and this can be shown on your timeline as a cumulative star rating. To include ratings and reviews on your page you need to provide a location address for your business and this can be done by going into the personal info section of your settings and adding yourself to the map and checking the star ratings box there. Once this is done, the add review box will be placed on your page so that customers can easily click on it and tell everyone how much they like your product or service. Be aware you cannot edit these ratings, if you do have a dispute with a comment left by someone either try to address this with the user or notify Facebook – they will only remove a review if it isn’t a genuine customer – Facebook will not remove a bad review simply because it is bad. If you would like specific advise on how to handle reviews please contact us on 01604 654545 or email sales@thelasthurdle.co.uk

Get Notifications – Making the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

Notifications are useful for letting you know what’s going on. They keep you up to date, for instance, if someone posts a review to your site or sends you a message such as a query about your product that you want to provide an answer for straight away. You can arrange to have these sent direct to your mobile or through email and can even define the kind of information or event you are notified of. Being able to respond promptly to any queries is key for a business that wants to gain a good reputation for customer engagement. The ‘get notifications’ option on your business page has a different function. We all know not all the messages we post to our pages are seen by the page likers – However, you can make sure that fans can see the information you are posting by encouraging them to select the ‘get notifications’ option for your page. This can be selected under the like button, use the dropdown arrow and you will see ‘get notifications’ which appears in this image ticked as it has been selected.

get notifications - Making the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Video – Making the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

There is some suggestion that Facebook is now in danger of taking over from YouTube when it comes to posting videos. Businesses can now easily upload their video content which will play automatically on news feeds, can be shared across social media and commented on by those who see them. Video is a great way of engaging with customers, not only through advertisements for your product but keeping them updated with product information, how to’s and what’s happening at events.

Facebook Mobile – Making the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

The truth is that a large number of us are accessing social media through our smartphones and tablets. Facebook have recently expanded their mobile targeting through GPS and Wi-Fi networks with place tips, an add-on that delivers recommendations and information to users who are at a particular location. If a business has subscribed to place tips, when someone comes into their store, details appear about what’s on offer at the top of the customer news feed. If you have a restaurant, for instance, this could be anything from menu choices to recent customer reviews. Place tips allow customers to get more information on the spot whilst businesses can push their best deals or lure people to interesting events.

These five simple tips are designed to assist you with making the most of your Facebook business page and to help you engage with customers more effectively. Social media management for business is vitally important and keeping track of the changes and innovations can make your life a whole lot easier. Just a few tweaks here and there can make a big difference to your page.

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