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Why LinkedIn SWAM is Causing Concern — 4 Comments

  1. Once you look PAST the borders of Linkedin SWAM, you see that is going to be part of a much bigger automated censoring picture that os secretly going to be rolled out over ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS 😉 Simply connect the dots accros the entire (a)social media landscape, and start to think for yourself 😉 This algorithm is intended to automatically shut up voices (and businesses) on line in the near future

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. An interesting hypothesis 🙂 Time will tell, but I wonder if LinkedIn are trying to steer us away from communicating in groups with their new ‘Publish’ to LinkedIn feature?!?!
      What would be really handy is to be notified which group has SWAM’d you… personally I don’t want to post to a group who doesn’t want me to… common sense dictates I remove myself from such groups and concentrate only in those that welcome the content I share and I can’t do that if I don’t know which group the SWAM originated from. Would also be nice if the moderator had mentioned they didn’t want me to post rather than choose this method. Of course it may not be a group moderator, it maybe a LinkedIn staff member or another member of the group, i.e. possibly a competitor…. alternatives, a)remove myself from all groups except for those I manage. b) continue to take my chances or c) leave LinkedIn and focus on connecting via other social sites. I remain undecided and am sitting on the fence awaiting developments, by default choosing b) for now 🙂

  2. Good analysis – thank you. What worries me about SWAM is the way unscrupulous competitors or rivals can use it to adversely affect your genuine, rule-abiding posts on LinkedIn. I was SWAMed once and I am 99 percent certain it was a bitter competitor who thought she could get at me with that tool. I know a number of other people who have been SWAMed several times now not because they are spammers – far from it – but because they are outspoken, candid individuals who say what they think, which annoys the more faint-hearted. LinkedIn may say they are happy with the way the SWAM initiative is working, but are they happy with the fact that is is being used as a baseball bat for bullies to silence others brave enough to speak out?

    • I think we have similar experiences Susan! I agree wholeheartedly it seems to be a blunt object that unscrupulous people (I won’t call them competitors because they don’t fit the definition) use to temporarily silence you. However, with just a few tweaks this could be a very effective anti-spam tool. We can but wait and see how LinkedIn deal with future updates. In the meantime, if you are SWAM’d unfairly then write to LinkedIn, if enough of us do that they may take notice… alternatively we can vote with our feet as a number of people already have.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Susan – Best wishes, Jules

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