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Hummingbird — 2 Comments

  1. After years of despairing about link farms, article spinning, etc., Hummingbird has come as a breath of fresh air to me and to other business bloggers/publishers who always produce fresh, new original content … in my case nearly every day. No doubt the scammers will figure out ways around the new Google algorithms but at least Google is making it more difficult for them, and opening up new credibility for those of us who are writing and delivering high quality content.

    • Thanks for your comment Suzan, I agree, we can but hope that the Google updates will eradicate the spammers and scammers… but I don’t think this battle will end any day soon. I think Google will be fighting the good fight for a number of years to come. However, the updates keep us on our toes and make sure that White Hat SEO techniques remain our focus.
      Thanks for visiting us, do stop by anytime 🙂

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