How To Write A 30 Min Blog

Since good content became all-important for businesses who have an online presence many have been wrestling with the issue of blog writing. For some it comes quickly and with little effort, for others it’s like pulling teeth and the process of producing one 300-500 word blog can take days. If you want to get into the habit of producing high quality 30 minute blogs, then follow our simple guidelines below:

How To Write A 30 Min Blog

How To Write A 30 Min Blog

Cut Out Time Wasting Steps

If you have a liking for pen and paper, chances are you will be tempted to write your blog out in rough on a note pad. You then have to transfer that onto your pc, either as a Word doc or straight onto the blog editor of your website. Avoid writing in longhand, it takes too long. You can cut your blog writing in half by simply inputting straight onto your pc.

Start With A Clear Heading

The key to writing quickly and efficiently is to have a good starting point and that means a clear, concise heading that tells you all you need to know about the article. It’s a good idea to have a stack of these on hand so you don’t waste time sitting around trying to think up good ideas. Spend an hour coming up with titles and then put them in order of strength. Then simply draw on the list when you need to write an article. Once you get into the swing of writing regular articles, inspiration will strike you at odd times, keep a rolling list of your potential blog titles – it’s very satisfying when you cross them off!

Break Down Your Blog Into Headed Sections – If It Helps

Writing a 500 or even a 1,000 word blog entry can seem daunting so it’s a good idea before you begin to break the article down into subtitles. You don’t have to use these in the final draft but they are useful for guiding your mind as you rush through the first version of the article. Take a deep breath and work through them quickly from beginning to end.

Write Quickly And With Passion

Here’s the most important part to writing a 30 minute blog. Write quickly, don’t stop and write with passion. It’s a literary brain dump that gets all of the salient points down that you want to include. Don’t edit as you go along, don’t correct spelling mistakes, don’t be tempted to move things around, just keep writing until you reach the natural end of the article. Don’t get up to make a coffee and don’t get distracted by that phone, text, emails or anything that might disturb your train of thought. Focus 100% until the first draft is finished.

Amend And Re-Arrange

Once you have got everything down you can then go through the article, amend, rearrange, correct and generally polish. Feel free to add any extra points you may have missed first time round or take away stuff that isn’t quite relevant to your article. Recognise when you have veered off topic, remove that content and save it for one of your next articles. The key is that you have got your article down in rough form first and you have done all the hard work.

Leave To Ferment

It may be tempting to post that article straight away. After all we’ve been telling you all along this is a 30 minute blog. It is, however, a good idea to put some distance between you and the article if you want to polish it more effectively. If you can, leave it for at least a couple of hours and forget about it.

Final Edit

You’ll find when you re-read it with fresh eyes you’ll spot typos or missing points. The final edit before posting is important to get rid of those grammar and spelling errors you missed first time around. Unless your English writing skills are exceptional, the chances are you will spot a few mistakes here and there that can be addressed in the final polish.

Important – Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

Writing quick content is largely a matter of practice and state of mind. The more you do it, the easier it becomes! Remember, perfectionism is a disease! No one says; “I read a perfect article”, they do say “I a great article!” Aim for great content!

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